Allegro Costume Party – what do you wish for?

Polish auction website Allegro has released “Costume Party”, the latest commercial asking the question, “Czego szukasz?” (What are you looking for?). The Allegro Costume Party commercial shows a mother discovering that her devotion to her daughter has made a deeper impact than she knew. When the young girl goes shopping with her mother in preparation for a costume party she realises that her chosen outfit has already been picked by a classmate. The mother proceeds to stretch the bounds of her creativity to craft a unique ensemble. The little girl remains fickle with the wide array of options, turning down thoughtfully handmade getups ranging from a dinosaur, rain cloud, bumblebee, mummy and astronaut. The mother is perplexed when the little girl requests a simple red dress and a string of pearls until she realizes that it was she that her daughter was idolizing all along.

Allegro Mother Daughter

Allegro Costume Party

The Allegro Costume Party commercial was developed at Bardzo by creative director Hubert Stadnicki, copywriter Tomasz Szewczyk, art director Wiktor Pietrzak, graphic designer Rafał Kuźma, agency producer Bartek Now.

Filming was shot by director Rodrigo García Saiz via Central Films with director of photography Mateo Londono, producer Tomek Hryniszyn (Baltica Film), production manager Artur Kotowski, wardrobe artist Malwina Wędzikowska, production designer Janusz Mazurczak.

Sound was produced at Juice, Poland, by Kuba Pietrzak and Michał “Jurgen” Jaroszewicz.

Post production was by editor Kuba Pietrzak, online artist Bartek Przybytek and colourist Fred van Eeden.

Earlier Commercials

Guitar, Dog and English For Beginners, each provide a different take on the relationship between adult wishes and the aspirations of children.

April 13, 2017 at 04:15AM

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Nissan Frontier CloudCatcher saves village

Nissan Brasil is promoting the new Nissan Frontier four wheel drive pickup with The CloudCatcher (O Caçador de Nuvens), a commercial in which two young farmers take drastic action to save their village from drought. The men are despairing over their dried-up crops when one of them has a bright idea: although their village is parched, there’s a stubborn rain cloud around a nearby mountain that refuses to move. They devise an ingenious scheme involving their Nissan Frontier truck, some ropes and a makeshift parachute that will eventually bring a piece of cloud down to the village. The commercial was filmed in Picotes, a village in Paraíba, northeastern Brazil, where it hadn’t rained for six years. Just as a the final rain scene was about to be shot, it actually started raining. The CloudCatcher campaign, with the tagline “#ÉMaisQueForça” (More than Force) is also made up of magazine and newspaper ads, a microsite, social media pieces and CRM.

Nissan Frontier Cloudcatcher

Nissan Frontier CloudCatcher Credits

The Nissan Frontier CloudCatcher campaign was developed at LewLara/TBWA by chief creative officer Felipe Luchi, creative directors Sthefan Ko and Gustavo Diehl, creatives Sthefan Ko, Fabio Santoro, Pedro Paes, Guilherme Possobon and Renato Simon, RTV team Luzia Oliveira and Cristiane Marinari, planners Renata d’Avila, Luciana Mussato, Maria Fernanda Haddad, Murilo Chagas and Luiz Menezes, media team Luiz Ritton, Thiago Ferraz, Suellen Kiss, Daniele Farhat, Bruna Dantas and Renato Pierote, general account director Wilson Negrini, account team Xiko Coutinho, Raiza Scatena and Caio Bottan, working with Nissan Brasil marketing team Arnaud Charpentier, Humberto Campusano, Mariana Lemos, Fabio Lima, Juliano Fortini and Murilo Almeida.

Filming was shot by director Rodrigo Saavedra via Landia, Sao Paulo, with executive producers Carol Dantas and Sebastian Hall, director of photography Javier Juliá, and production designer Julian Romera.

Film director Rodrigo Saavedra said, “4×4 and pick-up truck ads are generally all about power, all about being aggressive and tackling any terrain that comes your way. What struck me about this film was the fact that it actually has quite an emotional story at it’s core. It tells the story of two farmers struggling with a drought and then goes into a fantastic tale which nonetheless requires some extremely hard work from their Nissan Frontier.”

Visual effects were produced at Clan VFX. Colour grading was by Marla Colour Grading.

Sound and music were produced at Supersonica, by sound designer Vinicius Villani, account director Cristiane Marquesi, composers Antonio Pinto and Gabriel Ferreira, and voiceover artist Denis Garcia.

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April 10, 2017 at 12:03PM

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MIA Onlus Shelter Box helps Milan Homeless

Milano in Azione Onlus (MIA Onlus) has launched the Shelter Box, a project designed to help the approximately 3,000 homeless people living in Milan. Over winter the number of beds in emergency shelters is increased in a temporary “cold floor” housing plan. However, come March 31, many find themselves back on the streets. “When winter ends, the emergency continues”. Some of these people have been on the streets for years, while others are recent arrivals, having lost their job, their home and love. MIA Onlus is distributing the Shelter Box that serves as a bed, chair, table and portable bag, providing shelter from the elements while sleeping, and storage of possessions during the day. The following commercial raises awareness of the post-Winter realities, and calls for financial support in extending the Shelter Box program.

MIA Onlus Shelter Box

The MIA Onlus Shelter Box is a design product made of quality cardboard, durable and lightweight, able to provide maximum insulation from moisture. This box is composed of a telescopic structure of three elements that interlock and allow the product to easily turn into a bed, a chair, a table or a backpack. It can be transported as a container to be reused over time.

At the end of the “cold Municipal Plan” (March 31), when many homeless people have had to leave their bed and get back on the road, MIA Milan in Action Fund has distributed the first modules to some of its clients but is now looking for financial support to grow the program.

Shelter Box Credits

The MIA Onlus Shelter Box campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Italia, Milan, by executive creative directors Francesco Bozza and Alessandro Antonini, creative director Nicoletta Zanterino, art directors/designers Filippo Formentini and Marco Zilioli, copywriters Alejandra Gumucio and Andrea Zanino, product designer Andrea Longoni, and producer Alessandra Caldi.

Filming was shot by director Claudio Gallinella via Bedeschifilm.

April 10, 2017 at 06:05AM

from Duncan Macleod

Autism Day in the Life of Enzo

French agency Herezie has produced a pro-bono documentary, “With You We Can Heal It”, in partnership with Vaincre L’Autisme, following the day-to-day life of Enzo, a young boy with autism. Launched to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day (April 2, 2017), the film is designed to support global awareness raising and fundraising. For autistic Enzo, climbing stairs is like climbing Mt Everest. Expressing himself, nearly impossible, without being able to say simple words. One cannot imagine how this little boy or his parents do it. But, they do.

Autism film Enzo and Mother

Baptiste Clinet, Executive Creative Director of Herezie explains the thinking behind the campaign:

“Spending a month to create this documentary to help raise awareness for autism and a call for donations, permitted me to witness, first-hand, what the child goes through –with determination– repeating the same exercise over and over again. It was one of the most humbling things I’ve had the chance to witness. We cannot comprehend how hard it is for the child, the parents and caretakers; but, we need to. This need to engage and help in any way we can, is what drove us to create the film to be shared widely by anyone and everyone in support and celebration of World Autism Awareness Day.”

Autism film Enzo climbing steps

Q&A Up close with Herezie

Q. What’s the story in 2 sentences? It’s the story of an autistic and non-verbal 5 years old boy who practices for 30 days to become the spokesman of an association.

Q. In your own words, what is the emotional reason people should care? In France, there are 650 000 people with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and a real lack of infrastructure to take care of them. It could be their brother, their child, their life.

Q. Why this idea? To be able to speak, to be able to write.. All these simple things that get us through life, we take them for granted. We wanted to show the amount of effort, help and time an autistic person needs to achieve these simple things, and the fact that only money can assure these kids to be appropriately accompanied.

Q How does the idea position the marque? The idea shows how the association can accompany and take care of all the people with ASD. It also shows that it’s a « human size » association that needs money.

Q. Tell me about the tonality you chose and why? For too many people, « autism » is hard to define. We wanted to explain and show them what it’s like. Instead of showing tears and failure, we wanted to show determination, dedication and love. When you get to know the families who have to deal with ASD, you immediately get blown away by those precise qualities.

Q. Where did you shoot and why? We shot at the Futuroschool, where Enzo goes every day. It had to be 100% real. No acting, nothing.

Q. What was the most challenging part of pulling off this idea and how did you overcome it? The most challenging thing was to not disturb Enzo’s routine in the process of bringing this campaign to life. Besides, we didn’t know the outcome of all this. We had to adapt our message to Enzo’s capacities; and, yet, we weren’t sure he was going to succeed. With the help of his parents and all the people at the Futuroschool, we managed to spend enough time with him.

Q. Who was the director and why? With a very low budget, we had to find clever solutions to follow Enzo through this journey. We decided to partner with Auguste Bas and Robin Deriaud, two freshly graduated and talented students of Luc Besson’s school École de la Cité. This way, they could be with Enzo 8 hours a day for an entire month.

Autism Day in the Life Credits

The Autism Day in the Life campaign was developed at Herezie Group by executive creative director Baptiste Clinet, head of creative content Paul Marty, art directors/copywriters Jacques Denain, Nicolas Duménil, strategic planner Camille Lallier, PR directors Kim Ball and Morgane Le Rol, agency producer Barbara Vaira, COO Pierre Callegari, CEO Andrea Stillacci, associate general managers Edouard De Pouzilhac, Thomas Couteau, and associate managing director Arno Pons.

Digital work was done at 5eme Gauche.

Filming was shot by directors Auguste Bas and Robin Deriaud via FullDawa Production, Paris, with producers Boris Mendza, Gael Cabouat, Alexandre Bonaldi, production coordinator Maud ramos Guerrero.

Editor was Mehdi Lachhab. Grading was done at Bend the Colour Studio by colourist Raphael Kourisky.

Original music was by Eraldo Bernocchi and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, at TransmutationLtd.

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