Everything You Need to Know about Windows 10’s Creators Update 2017

Windows 10 is the most advanced and innovative invention of Microsoft that offers the users with the best working performance along with excellent working performance it also makes the working process faster, easier and interesting. With the release of Windows 10 creator update Windows 10 has become more advanced.

Windows 10 came up with more surprises to all the Windows 10 users

All the Windows 10 users have got creator update in form of surprise. It has come with various wonderful features. It is a new 3D application that allows the users to create 3D models and turn imaginations into shape. Along with this, it also comes with various other features including blue light reduction, EBooks and app throttling etc. This creator update is codenamed as Redstone 2. Also rumors of next big Windows 10 update are in the air. Also US customers can avail an online support from Windows 10 Support services in case of further issues with the Windows 10 creator app.

How do these Services Work?

These online Windows 10 support number services are offered by learned and experienced technicians, these technicians use remote access technology and resolves all the issues related to the customers Windows 10 operating System. Each and every issue is resolved on time and at a lowest possible cost by these learned and experienced technicians.

How to contact Windows 10 support services?

To contact these technicians, you need to call at Windows 10 support number services and you can avail quick online assistance remotely. Technicians here work round the clock and are always available 24/7. To contact these technicians dial our toll- free number and avail our best ever services.

About Windows Tech Support phone Number

 Windows tech support phone number is an online technical support service offered by experienced technicians to solve all the issues related to Windows 10 Operating System. It deals with various technical issues related to Windows 10. It works only for people living in US regions.


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New York City freelancer law to take effect May 15


by Zach Morahan and Shannon Kane

New York City’s new “Freelance Isn’t Free Act,” which goes into effect May 15, requires written contracts for many freelance jobs worth $800 or more and provides for stiff monetary remedies if the hiring party tries to avoid paying the freelancer for work performed.

Under the new law, a “freelance worker” means any person or organization composed of no more than one person who is hired as an independent contractor in exchange for compensation. Commissioned sales representatives and attorneys are excluded from the definition of freelance worker. The definition of “hiring party” excludes foreign, federal, state, and local municipalities.

The law requires a hiring party to secure a written contract with a freelancer when the job is to perform services worth more than $800. The $800 threshold can be reached based on a single project or multiple projects, including work performed within the previous 120 days.

Regarding payment, the law makes it unlawful to fail to pay the freelancer for services as required under the contract or, if the contract is silent on the time of payment, within 30 days of the freelancer’s performance of the work. The law also makes it unlawful to condition payment on the freelancer accepting less than the full contractual payment.

Costs of violations

Under the law, a freelancer can file a complaint with the director of New York City’s Office of Labor Standards or file a lawsuit. A freelancer who prevails is entitled to damages, reasonable attorneys’ fees, and costs. Other penalties include the following:

  • A hiring party that fails to secure a written contract with a freelancer when required will be liable for a $250 penalty (in addition to other damages for other breaches, if proven) plus attorneys’ fees and costs.
  • A hiring party that fails to pay a freelancer money owed under the contract (or within 30 days of performance of the services if the contract is silent on that term) will be liable for double damages and injunctive relief plus attorneys’ fees and costs.
  • A hiring party that retaliates against a freelancer will be liable for damages equal to the value of the contract “for each violation” plus attorneys’ fees and costs.
  • A “pattern or practice” of violations will result in a $25,000 civil penalty, payable to the city’s general fund.

For more information on New York City’s new freelancer law, see the December 2016 issue of New York Employment Law Letter.

Zach Morahan and Shannon Kane are attorneys with Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP, in Binghamton, New York. They can be reached at zmorahan@cglawoffices.com and skane@cglawoffices.com.


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Some helpful websites about hiring veterans…





I hope you find these helpful.

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Sr Manager

ADT Corporate Headquarters

(former US Army Officer)

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HR Tech: Time To Stack Up

The HR Tech Stack: Build the Case, Get the Buy-In, & Get What You Want Recruiting software—in the eyes of executives, IT professionals, operators, and procurement—is often no more than an add-on to a core HRIS suite. The pain caused by poor recruiting software never hits their consciousness. This can be a bitter pill for […]

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Xerox DocuShare Flex Makes It Easy for Small Businesses to Store, Access and Share Information Digitally

New cloud-based DocuShare platform will allow businesses with as few as five employees to streamline business processes, saving time and money.

NORWALK, Conn., April 24, 2017 Enterprise content management  (ECM) used to make sense only for large companies with the size and budgets to make the conversion to digital worthwhile. Now, with the introduction of Xerox DocuShare® Flex,  small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and company departments can digitize processes like invoicing, sharing files, editing, managing databases and storing documents, just like large companies do.

SMBs tend to rely on inefficient paper-based systems and often lack centralized storage of digital information. According to respondents to a 2016 Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) survey, poor content management practices result in taking too long to find content (62 percent), duplicated efforts (52 percent) and insufficient re-use (46 percent)1.

The new DocuShare Flex platform is cloud based and provides the automation, security and scalability of large-scale ECM systems in an affordable package that’s easy to configure and use without IT support.

DocuShare Flex systems will save SMBs hours, days or weeks. Users can complete a range of document-intensive tasks such as:

·  Routing documents automatically to facilitate approval processes and version control;

·  Automating necessary documentation for ease of compliance with government and industry mandates;

·  Simplifying management of the multitude of documents required for transactions, accounting, billing and other document-intensive operations.

“We developed DocuShare Flex from the ground up to be the ECM solution of choice for SMBs and company departments,” said Wasim A. Khan, head of Xerox global workflow automation. “DocuShare Flex will enable users to be more responsive by enabling them to find information quickly and easily, more secure by better controlling access to sensitive documents, and more productive by automating key business processes.”

Easy to Use, Agile, Low Cost

DocuShare Flex can store and manage a wide range of document types and content. It has a scalable storage capacity of hundreds of millions of documents. Managing documents from creation through archiving and eventual disposal is provided out of the box.

DocuShare Flex customers can add capacity and users incrementally to further control costs. The number of users can range from a minimum of five people up to thousands. It has advanced review-process controls that enable annotation, redaction and simultaneous viewing while controlling versions to keep documents current.

Automating Workflows

DocuShare Flex can automate a range of business processes including storing all project documents in one place, managing review cycles, and meeting potential audit requirements. It can also enforce compliance with best practices since management can observe work status.

DocuShare Flex is designed for non-technical staff with an intuitive search engine and a user interface (UI) that requires little training. The UI is Web-based and will run on a wide range of browsers and mobile devices.

The platform can work with back-end company systems to pull data and link to documents. It’s compatible with  Xerox ConnectKey® multifunction devices and associated apps for developing specific time-saving workflows, and includes a ConnectKey-based scanning service for scanning directly to DocuShare Flex.

The new DocuShare Flex platform augments the Xerox DocuShare portfolio, including Xerox DocuShare 7, which was recently named as a “ “Leader” in ECM software by G2 Crowd, , and as the 2017 Pick award as Outstanding Document Management Solution by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI).



DocuShare Flex is now available in North America. It will be available in Europe and other select regions by May 31, in Canada in June, and in Asia Pacific by the end of August.  

DocuShare Flex is designed for efficient selling and rapid deployment by Xerox and its channel partners. Distribution is available via a network of agents, dealers, concessionaires and resellers, as well as through the Xerox direct sales force.  

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About Xerox

Xerox Corporation is an $11 billion technology leader that innovates the way the world communicates, connects and works. Our expertise is more important than ever as customers of all sizes look to improve productivity, maximize profitability and increase satisfaction. We do this for  small and mid-size businesseslarge enterprises,, governments, graphic communications providers, and for our partners who serve them.                

We understand what’s at the heart of work – and all of the forms it can take. We embrace the increasingly complex world of paper and digital.  Office and mobile. Personal and social. Every day across the globe – in more than 160 countries – our technology, software and people successfully navigate those intersections. We automate, personalize, package, analyze and secure information to keep our customers moving at an accelerated pace. For more information visit  www.xerox.com.



1AIIM: Information Management – State of the Industry 2016, 2016. www.aiim.org.


For more information, please contact:

Erika Navarro

Communications Coordinator

T- 905 346 1231

M- 905 650 4027

Twitter: @ErikaNavarroPR



55 King Street, Suite 500

St. Catharines, ON L2R 3H5


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Former Head of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management Will Oversee the

Markle Foundation’s Work to Create a National Skills-based Labor Market

New York, April 24, 2017 – Markle Foundation CEO and President Zoë Baird today announced the appointment of Beth Cobert, former Acting Director of the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) and a long-time leader at McKinsey & Company, as Chief Executive Officer of Skillful. Cobert will lead the Foundation’s work to enable all Americans to keep up with the transformations automation is bringing to jobs in the digital economy.  Her appointment follows a nation-wide search for a strategic leader to oversee Skillful’s state-based efforts to create a labor market that values each individual’s skillset and provides them with opportunity for a meaningful career path.  

“Beth is an extraordinary leader for our effort to enable anyone with a smart phone to have a smart career,” said Markle CEO and President Zoë Baird. “Beth has a proven track record, both in the public and private sectors, managing large, complex, and transformational initiatives.  She knows how to bring together diverse stakeholders to create systemic change. She offers unparalleled business acumen, and expertise in recruitment, hiring practices and information technology. I am delighted Beth has agreed to join us to take on this critical challenge of our time.”

Skillful, now in its second year of operation in Colorado, is a central part of Markle’s economic work to connect American workers to good paying middle-skill jobs.  Skillful is particularly focused on empowering the nearly seven out of ten Americans who don’t have a four-year college degree but have great skills needed in today’s job market. There are millions of available jobs across America going unfilled, many of which call for skills that can be demonstrated or developed through apprenticeships, coding camps, and online training courses.

Along with partners Markle, LinkedIn, the state of Colorado, and many others, Skillful is giving Americans access to opportunity by prioritizing skills and removing barriers that keep many talented people from applying for in-demand jobs. It is leveraging data and technology tools to ensure workers can find training and support to prepare them for the growth jobs in their community; supporting employers in implementing skills-based hiring practices that can open up their talent pool ; and aligning employers and educators so that training programs teach to the skills that are in demand.

“In an economy where automation, artificial intelligence, and other technological developments are transforming jobs at an incredibly rapid pace, we need new pathways to opportunity and we need them now,” said Beth Cobert. “Too many Americans have been shut out as traditional categories of employment and ways of getting training have evolved. I cannot think of a more pressing challenge than helping Americans acquire the skills they need to compete in today’s workplace. I look forward to building on the impressive work already undertaken by the Markle Foundation and the Skillful team.”

Cobert will work with senior Markle leadership, including Skillful’s Colorado Executive Director Andi Rugg, to lead the effort to help many more job seekers and employers in the state, as well as to expand Skillful beyond Colorado. She will develop and manage new locations that adopt the Skillful model and identify the infrastructure needed to achieve sustainability. Cobert also will work closely with Denis McDonough, President Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff who joined Markle in February to pursue the federal and state policy changes required to enable workers and employers to thrive in the digital economy.

Beth’s private sector business expertise, particularly in the technology sector, will be an asset to Skillful as the team works closely with employers in Colorado and beyond to adopt skills-based hiring practices that take advantage of our nation’s best asset: our skilled and talented workforce.

Cobert has extensive experience in workforce issues.  As Acting Director of OPM she oversaw efforts to recruit and retain a talented and diverse federal workforce. She was brought into OPM to respond to a major cyber intrusion that compromised the personal information of more than 20 million people.  Prior to OPM, she served as Deputy Director for Management and U.S. Chief Performance Officer in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). At OMB, she led efforts to modernize IT systems, improve public-facing services, strengthen cybersecurity across federal systems, and improve employee engagement.

Her distinguished public sector career followed nearly thirty years at McKinsey & Company where she led the firm’s Global Marketing and Sales practice and served as a co-leader of the Global Social Sector practice. Cobert managed organizational strategies for corporate, not-for-profit and government entities across a range of sectors including financial, health care, real estate and philanthropy. Over the course of her career at McKinsey she led initiatives on staff recruitment, training and development and championed efforts to support the advancement of women into leadership positions.

Cobert previously served as a board member and chair of the United Way of the San Francisco Bay Area and as a member of the Stanford Graduate School of Business Advisory Council. She received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Princeton University and a master’s degree in business administration from Stanford University.

# # #

About Markle

The Markle Foundation works to realize the potential of information technology as a breakthrough tool for some of the nation’s most challenging problems. It leads a broad collaboration to Rework America to create good jobs and prepare people for today’s rapidly changing digital economy. Markle’s Skillful initiative is returning economic opportunities to Americans without a college diploma. For more information, visit   markle.org,  Skillful.com,  Skillful.com and follow    @MarkleFdn and

@JoinSkillful  on Twitter.


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GuideSpark and Equifax to Explore Employee-Centric Benefits Communications in Upcoming Webinar

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (April 24, 2017) –



GuideSpark, the leader in employee communications, with Sherry Uhrig, North American benefits manager / Global Mobility, Immigration & Recognition manager for Equifax


Will present a complimentary webinar titled, “Equifax: The Power of Employee-Centric Communications.”


Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. EDT (1:00 p.m. CDT / 12:00 p.m. MDT / 11:00 a.m. PDT)


Registration can be accessed at:  http://ift.tt/2pin7Ky.



Benefits communications can be a strong differentiator for organizations looking to attract and retain the very best talent. How employers communicate rewards packages and other benefits information varies by organization, and developing the right strategy is key to ensuring these programs are successful.

During this webinar, GuideSpark will host Sherry Uhrig from Equifax to explore how and why the global information solutions company decided to implement an employee-centric approach to benefits communications. Uhrig will share insights into the design of the multi-channel communications program, which accounts for different employee learning styles and preferences. In addition, Uhrig will discuss the program’s results, including improved new hire benefits onboarding, positive employee feedback and decreased support requests. Webinar attendees will take away a roadmap for helping employees more fully understand their benefits options.

HR and benefits leaders interested in learning more about employee-centric benefits communications are encouraged to attend. To register, visit: http://ift.tt/2pin7Ky.


About GuideSpark

GuideSpark is the leader in employee communications, with over 650 customers who use its solutions to effectively engage over 10 million employees and achieve HR program adoption goals. GuideSpark is the only company that blends SaaS technology and innovative, multimedia content that inspires, informs and reinforces the employer value proposition.

To learn more about how you can transform your employee communications, visit :  http://ift.tt/1dMag5V.

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